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Skote Petoors Chilli Crisp Oil

  • Kleine Rijke was built on the historic farm that Boer Leader, Andries Pretorius,  traded for a horse, a gun and a heifer 200 years ago. He is my fourth Great-Grandfather.  His Great-Grandson was Lood Pretorius. 

    Lood had a keen interest in all guns, specifically Artillery Guns. He was the guy who, on the 11th of October 1899,  fired the first, devastating canon shot that landed in the middle of the British Camp and started the Anglo Boer War. The Boers were delighted – “skote petoors!” one Boer shouted, and a new idiom entered the Afrikaans language. This saying is still around today and is an exclamation at something really well done. When my sister visited in 2022 and made us this Chilli Crisp Oil, I was delighted - “skote petoors! This is the perfect balance of heat and flavour.”- I shouted and the rest, as they say, is history.

    So; named after the original Raakskieter/ Sharpshooter Lood Skoot Pretorius, both aim and fire, never to miss.

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